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Crisis Line

When victims of domestic violence need to take action to protect themselves and their children, they can call the Mercer County Family Crisis Center, twenty-four hours a day, and get help. The staff and volunteers answering that call are well-trained and empathetic. They have completed a 40-hour domestic violence training course and provide emotional support and a nonjudgmental listening ear to domestic violence victims. Callers can receive information about the effects of domestic violence and their legal rights as victims.

Court Advocacy Program

The Family Crisis Center helps survivors to secure a Criminal or Civil Order of Protection at the courthouse in Aledo.  An Order of Protection can help keep a survivor and her children safe for up to two years. Victims learn about their legal rights and get help filling out legal paperwork. Our legal advocates accompany them to court, follow up on their case, and advocate for them with other agencies.

Community Education Program

The Mercer County Family Crisis Center’s staff continues to conduct outreach in order to inform and educate the community about the persistency and severity of domestic violence. Numerous community organizations, youth groups, social service agencies, elected officials, clergy, and community members receive information about the services available to Mercer County residents through the Family Crisis Center.